Veteran’s Day 2021

Brave. Courageous. Hero. Protector. Defender.

Just some of the descriptions of our wonderful veterans. Those who have stepped up and have served or are currently serving our nation, today is your day. Today we add another description to your list… Thanked.

To the ones serving, the ones who are home, and the ones who never returned home, we humbly and gratefully salute each and every one of you. Not just today, but every day.


Rural Health, Inc. would like to wish a Happy Veterans Day to all former and current members of our nation’s military. We would also like to recognize our very own veterans, Kim Malone and Jo E Ingle. The honor and valiant duty they both served this country with, is the same they bring to our organization every single day. It’s truly our privilege to work alongside you two. Thank you for your service!