Rep. Patrick Windhorst Visits Vienna Clinic

On Thursday, April 21, Illinois State Representative Patrick Windhorst paid a visit to our clinic in Vienna. Windhorst, who represents the 118th district, attended a meeting with our administrative team. Various topics were discussed including accomplishes made by Rural Health’s Medication-Assisted Treatment (MAT) Program, current ventures such as the Hepatitis C Program and construction of the new clinical site for Goreville, and other various topics pertaining to the demands of rural health care across the region.
“We were very honored to have Rep. Windhorst visit our facility. We had the privilege of showcasing just what our organization provides to the residents we serve,” said Chase Hileman, Community Outreach Coordinator. “The fact that he made time to visit and speak with us shows that he cares about the state of rural healthcare across not only Johnson County, but southern Illinois as a whole. His visit brings a sense of aspiration to the overall mission here at Rural Health, Inc.” The meeting concluded with a tour of the Vienna clinic, which was fully renovated in 2021.
PHOTO CREDIT: The Vienna Times