National Hepatitis Testing Day – May 19

This Sunday, May 19, is National Hepatitis Testing Day. The day, a part of Hepatitis Awareness Month, aims to raise awareness about viral hepatitis and encourages screenings and vaccinations. Focusing on Hepatitis C, Rural Health, Inc. is urging the public to be screened for this infection. With Hepatitis C, the virus-caused infection invades the liver, leading to inflammation. Transmission of the virus can happen through the following: blood contact, needle sharing, unprotected sex, etc. Most individuals living with Hepatitis C will show no symptoms. Left untreated, the virus can cause liver damage, liver failure, and liver cancer. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends one time screenings for all adults 18 or older and screenings for all pregnant women during every pregnancy.

Rural Health, Inc. provides these recommended screenings and monitors the Hepatitis C virus with the following: antibody testing, HCV RNA testing, genotype testing, FibroScan monitoring, and more. Data has shown that new treatments can actually cure Hepatitis C while being cost effective. Treatment regimens are provided through Rural Health, Inc. with a 8-12 week long application of direct acting antivirals (DAAs), prescribed by one of the numerous certified providers. The organization’s screening and treatment options are even covered by most insurance carriers. Rural Health, Inc. is proud of the lives being changed by the program and reminds the public to take some time this month to research Hepatitis and to consider screening. Individuals with Hepatitis questions or who are interested in the Hepatitis C program are encouraged to speak with their health care provider or call the main office in Anna at 618-833-4471.