7 Years of MAT

April 03 marks the seventh anniversary of Rural Health, Inc.’s Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) program. MAT is the use of medications in combination with counseling and behavioral therapies to provide a “whole patient” approach to the treatment of opioid use disorders. Through research, success in treating substance use disorders was found with the combination of medication and therapy. MAT services have been found to help sustain recovery for individuals struggling with addiction, and MAT is even used to prevent and reduce opioid overdoses. Rural Health, Inc. believes the program is much needed during this state of opioid crisis for Illinois. According to the Illinois Department of Public Health, there were 3,261 fatalities due to opioid overdoses back in 2022. Rural Health, Inc. is proud of the progress made with the program and is touched to see the lives affected by its restorative purpose. MAT services are provided at all five of Rural Health, Inc.’s clinics with certified providers who are accepting new patients. Individuals interested in learning more about MAT services are encouraged to call the Rural Health, Inc. main office in Anna at 618-833-4471.